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PARIS 2015

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13 November 2015: To everyone, we are safe. We passed through République around 22.30, but apart from people with hollow eyes and many questions, it was very quiet. The streets are empty, Paris has never been so quiet.

14 November 2015: Yesterday, 13 November 2015, 22.39. Stuck in metro line 9 under République, Oberkampf. Empty station; a few people say there is an incident above us, and there would be 3 casualties. In a restaurant, I hear later, when the metro continues its way. When we get out of the metro, I hear someone at a mobile phone speaking about 7 victims. At midnight in photographer Yves Gareto's studio, everyone is looking at his mobile phone, his party is a very silent one. Meanwhile the number of casualties raises every minute.

Let's be still for a moment, see all together what we can do and remain positive! Let the forces of respect and peace win...

15 November 2015: Today, the streets and parks are full of people, thecity lives again. The Place de la République is over crowded. People are singing, hugging, giving messages, bringing flowers. Many are still very touched.
I take some photos. I walk towards the Bataclan. The streets are closed for press and public. People grieve. I speak with a girl who lost a dear friend in the Bataclan. I see black, brown, yellow, white people with tears in their eyes.

At one moments I get angry: an Arab man with his wife passes by, photographing and filming the scene with his mobile phone. And laughing, grinning, laughing, with an arrogant attitude. No one seems to see them, everyone is stuck in his world. When he passes in front of me, I point my camera to the man and look him in the eyes. He doesn't see me immediately. Then he turns around, looks at me, me at him, two, three times. He disappears with his wife. I speak to an agent. "You find assholes everywhere, sir." the I see another Arab man with his 3 year old daughter. Full of emotion, full of respect. As many other Muslims. Luckily.

A man tells me that that is where the Syrian refugees run away from. Every day again. 'Don't point the wrong people.'

Back on Place de la République, a black man holds a panel. Congo: 6 millions deaths. 36.000 times the amount of victims than here in Paris. He says the Paris attacks are atrocious and unforgivable. But he asks not to forget his country too. I promise him I would share his message. Hey, world!

Time to get home. I am tired, I feel like a sand corn in the desert, but I'm proud, I feel that on a micro level, my texts and photos can mean something. Spreading the message of hope, cooperation, solidarity, democracy is all we can do. And if necessary, stand up and fight terror with the means we can morally defend.

Saturday 14 November:

Sunday 15 November: