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Another 13 September, part III 

Asking what her ultimate dream was, Jessie told me about 'Cirque du Soleil', adding that it was just an impossible dream. That she was content with her life as an urgencies surgery nurse now.

That she was of course happy when she could train, move, dance and do acrobatics, at her actual amateur level.

Insisting on the item, she said that if she would get the chance, she would absolutely live the hard life of a circus artist. She was really willing to become part of that family.

So we decided to do some images that could help her doing castings. And yes, she would send them out!

As much as you saw in Jessie, part I, the "past" of this 13 September 1999, and in Jessie, part II, the "present" of 13 September 2009 and the months after, you see in this Jessie, part III, her impossible dreams for the "future".

Pascal, May 2011

We are more than four years later now. Months after our athletic session, Jessie was accepted at the Cavalia horse circus. Half a year later, she did applied for world's absolute top circus, "Cirque du Soleil", her dream. She was immediately accepted and has been performing there in trapeze for a couple of years now. Jessie has realised her dream.
Her force has been a great motivation!

Pascal, July 2015

After 3 hard and intense years at Macau's, Cirque du Soleil's 'House of the Dancing Water', Jessie moved to New-Zealand with the man of her dreams. Just before our anniversary, she gave birht to a little daughter.
She contacted me to tell me that she would come to see me in Belgium in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait...

13th September 2019, 10th anniversary of our first session

If you wonder how we made these images, take a look at this behind the scenes clip.