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Another 13 September, part II

When I first met Jessie on 13 September 2009, it was day on day 10 years ago to the day  since this horrible event happened.  
It met her by coincidence; she was accompanied by a photographer who had planned to shoot here at Salve Mater for his portfolio. He brought 3 young women, and asked me if I was interested in doing some photos myself. 

So I suddenly found myself alone with Jessie, a former top gymnast, and my camera. I told her I tried to show more in my images than a beautiful, sexy girl, that I was interested bringing the stories of my models into my images, something personal they wouldn't show to everyone. A fantasy, a fear, an experience. I asked her if she wanted to share something with me.

How could I have known that this 13th September was exactly the 10th anniversary?
How could I have known about the horror she had gone through?
Anyway, on 13th September, she talked, she expressed, she cried. But she was not self-compassioned. There was no self-pity, no hate towards the world. She could smile and asked me if she was not wasting my time with her story...

I didn't want to only focus on the horror, so I asked her how she did survive, what made her come through this period, and what her dreams were for the future. As you don't want to leave someone right in the memories of an atrocious experience.
Although the temperatures were reasonable that day, Jessie had turned blue and needed quite some time to warm up afterwards.
After having known each other for less than 2 hours, we both knew we had found a friend for life. We have done several sessions since.
As much as you saw her "past" in Jessie, part I, 13 September 1999, you see in Jessie, part II, the "present" of 13 September 2009.

Pascal, May 2011 
These images are available as fine art prints, numbered and signed on archival paper, in limited edition of 15 copies.