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Theme    Nude photography: "2017: Hello - Goodbye"

Our yearly 5 day Salve Mater workshop is a extensive bath into nude photography. This year's theme will be "Hello - Goodbye", as this workshop will be most probably (*) the last Salve Mater Summer workshop ever.

We'll work extensively on several layers. The first is your interpretation of the subject of meeting and leaving. Which element(s) in the play of meeting would you want to express? Then we look for ways to translate our vision into possible single photographs. Once we know more concretely what we want, we need to communicate our vision to our models, and maybe fine tune our ideas. And last but not least, we have to choose the techniques that will allow us to realise the images.

(*) Most probably: In 2012, the start of the reconstruction had been announced, but the plans changed. Now, 2016, the new plans have been approved, all permissions have been obtained; the works have been announced to start late Spring or Summer 2017.

Level   All levels: this workshop is aimed at photo enthusiasts as well as professional photographers who want to get introduced in the world of artistic nude photography and to creative a consistent portfolio
Language   English, with support in Dutch, French and/or German when requested
Length   5 days: day 1 to 4: from 10.00 to 20.00; day 5 from 10.00 to 17.00
Date   12-16 August 2017 (or earlier if the workshop start before this date)
Location   Salve Mater, Lovenjoel, Belgium
Salve Mater is Pascal's daylight work space, an spacious ancient monastery-hospital
Models   1 model per 3 to 4 participants
Participants   minimum 6, maximum 15
Price   1.990 euro
Included   Model release for artistic use
Not-included   Breakfast & dinner - available at reasonable prices
Equipment   Participants just need their usual equipment: camera, standard lens, memory card, smile and enthusiasm!
Lodging   Overnight staying at Spartan conditions is offered at the Salve Mater building
We can advise hotels or bed & breakfast places nearby
  • introspection: what does 'meeting and leaving' mean for us?
  • visualisation: what are the elements we want to show in our 'stories of encouters' ?
  • communication: how can we communcate our ideas with our model, who has to express our vision? do we allow his/her input? how do we create an atmosphere in which the model can pose in an expressive way, feeling safe and respected in the same moment?
  • execution: which light do we choose, which composition, make-up and accessories, which poses and movements?
  • how do we build a consistent set of images?
  • didactic moments, short demonstrations & to the point exercises in the morning
  • photo sessions in small groups in the afternoon: building your collection of images
  • photographic moments in the evening: sunset sessions, image reviews, depending on weather conditions and energy level
  • feedback on participants' images
  • tips to select your best workshop images
Registrations Pre-registration edition 2017 via workshops@pascalbaetens.com