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Theme    Portrait & Model photography: "Correcting poses from head to toe"

In this workshop we focus on body language and poses. We analyse poses on the criteria of elegance and expressive value. We analyse in depth position and movements of feet, legs, pelvis, spine, head, shoulders, arms and fingers. We learn how to guide our models into poses and movements, through both analytic and intuitive techniques. We learn to adapt poses in function of body characteristics, light and composition.

Level   All levels: this workshop is aimed at photo enthusiasts as well as professional photographers who want to improve their artistic or commercial portrait, fashion or nude photography
Language   English, with support in Dutch, French and/or German when requested
Length   2 days from 10.00 to 17.00
Date   23-23rd April 2017
Location   Salve Mater, Lovenjoel, Belgium
Salve Mater is Pascal's daylight work space, an spacious ancient monastery-hospital
Models   1 model per 4 participants
Participants   minimum 6, maximum 15
Price   625 euro
Included   Sandwich lunch, drinks & snacks
Model release for artistic use
Equipment   Participants just need their usual equipment: camera, standard lens, memory card, smile and enthusiasm!
Lodging   Overnight staying at Spartan conditions is offered at the Salve Mater building.
We can advise hotels or bed & breakfast places nearby
  • body language: open & closed poses; the direction of the energy
  • in depth analysing poses from center of gravity to the extremes: feet, legs, pelvis; spine, head; shoulders, arms hands
  • poses and expression; poses and movements
  • guiding your model into poses and movements: descriptive and mirroring techniques
  • adapting poses to light and composition
  • short, didactic moments
  • in-depth demonstrations by Pascal
  • to the point exercises
  • photo sessions in small groups
  • feedback on participants' images
  • tips to select your best workshop images
Contact us at: workshops@pascalbaetens.com
Register Registration via workshops@pascalbaetens.com