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  • A good image is one that grabs your attention, touches, has impact. This should be our main criterium to judge an image.
  • Technique serves the image. Techniques to use light and light sources, to master composition, to position our models and ourselves as photographers, to guide our model's poses, movements and expressions have one goal: to improve the overall atmosphere of our photographs.
  • We work with human beings. Beautiful people with beautiful hearts, as we all are. A model is a human being, a photographer is a human being, communication is the secret for good photography.
  • Communication techniques to create an atmosphere are as important as skills to analyse light situations and composition. 


Whom are the workshops meant for?

  • The workshops are meant for passionate photographers, who want to develop their vision on photography and improve their skills to translate these visions into photographic stills.
  • You can be a professional photographer, an amateur, a student or even a school kid, as long as you are eager to develop your artistic skills.
  • Your tools are your hearts, your eyes, your brains, your hands and feet, your voices and your cameras.


Who is 'teacher' Pascal Baetens?

  • Since 1994, Pascal has been a professional photographer, specialising in 'on location' nude photography. He also realised projects on travel, dance (classic ballet) and portrait photography.
  • His work has been published in magazines as Elle, Playboy, Men's Health and many more. He is the author of 5 books about nude photography, including the how-to book  'Nude Photography, the Art and the Craft', which has been published in 7 languages.
  • Pascal has been teaching for professional photographers associations such as the Belgian, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese associations of professional photographers; for  art and photography festivals, organisations and institutions including Horizonte Zingst (Germany), Nikonians.org, Art'lon.
    He has also taught to amateur photographers organisations, students and school kids.
  • In 2008, Pascal received the highest recognition from the European Federation of Professional Photographers, the Master Qualified European Photographer Award.


What to expect concretely? (*)

  • a pleasant atmosphere, relaxed and focused at the same time

  • a limited number of participants (*)
  • a comfortable models/participants ratio (*)
  • experienced, interested, cheerful professional models (*)
  • plenty of photographic moments (*)

  • a workshop team open to answer your photographic questions & expectations

  • guided introspective moments to set your goals in your photography & photographs
  • techniques to communicate with your models
  • techniques to analyse light and composition
  • techniques to translate an atmosphere into an image, through perspective, distance, lens choices, light direction, etc

  • subject specific techniques at subject related workshops

  • practical exercises & mini-sessions (*)
  • longer photographic moments in small groups (*)
  • if practically possible: one-to-one didactic moments with Pascal; one-to-one photographic moments (*)

(*) The concrete content will depend on the workshops, and the workshop organisers. The elements marked with (*) are the general standard for the workshops, organised by Pascal and his team. You'll find them in "our" workshops, but not necessarily in workshops organised by third parties. In these cases, inform yourself upfront with the organisation.
The guidelines on this page are 'general', they cannot be used for any complaints in any concrete situations.