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Snow Angel, Salve Mater, 2009


From the first moment I met Lara, a while ago now, I was struck by her angelic appearance.  Every session with her has turned out to give me images I could hardly get with other girls. 

Many people have asked me if my "Snow Angel" image was a photoshop montage. People close to me know I like to shoot an image in one shot, and hate to make artificial images on the computer. I already spend enough time sitting, I want to be on the field, shooting :-)


But for those who don't believe me, look at the clip.

By the way, I believe the clip is longer than the session was.

My "Snow Angel" is strongly inspired by Botticelli's Birth of Venus: the pose, the atmosphere. The snow enhances the innocence of the young Venus, the bridge turns her into an angel.


In the snow, feet get cold almost immediately and therefore it's important to prepare such a session well in advance, as within 15 seconds, your model will be freezing. Unless of course she can wear foot protection, which wasn't the case here. So we have finetuned and repeated the pose inside, something I hardly ever do for other sessions.


I am working on a collection of angels, as Salve Mater is a place where I often think about angels in all their forms. This former hospital/monastery has been a place of religion, of help and shelter and of pain and shame, all of which for and by women.


I used this image to wish you a wonderful 2011 (Image of the Month - December 2010)! I now use the clip to say goodbye to Winter and to wish you a gorgeous Spring and Summer! Let your inspiration flow abondantly!



model: Lara

make-up & styling: purely natural