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The "3 x 3 x 3" Project     

3 Master Qualified European Photographers join together on their search for the 'next level' of their professional photography careers. Jorgen Brandt (Copenhagen, Denmark), Pascal Baetens (Lovenjoel, Belgium) and Martin Vrabko (Bratislava, Slovakia) are not only widely published photographers but are also awarded, successful, respected and renowned for their individual works. 


The 3 photographers organized various 3 day sessions and photographed the same models in the same buildings using whatever scenes, tools, and props were available. During their time spent together, they also spoke of photography and how to better promote themselves and their art. 


In February of 2013, the 3 photographers will display their works from these 3x3x3 sessions side by side by side in a traveling European exhibition. Some of the sessions have been shot on video as well, and have been edited documentary style.


"The Federation of European Photographers (FEP), the central reference authority for professional photography in Europe, represents over 50.000 professional photographers in Europes.

FEP has established a set of European professional qualifications, the most distinguished of these being the Master Qualified Europen Photographer.

A Master QEP is a photographer who has achieved an exceptionally high standard, demonstrating exceptional technical and artistic excellence within the image making profession."

To visit the 3 MQEPs Facebook page, click 3x3x3