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In these 'World' pages, I have selected a series of photographs, often accompanied by a video clip. I have written a text along with it. We have called it “the world of Pascal”, as it is my everlasting 'work in progress'.

The world I am trying to create in my images is one of emotions, sensuality and beauty.
I try to give my models the opportunity to be themselves, to show a part which belongs to them, physically and emotionally. I don’t want them to play a role which is not theirs, nor to hide their inner self behind make-up, accessories and props. If they feel joyful, let them be joyful. If they feel sexy, let them be sexy. If they feel sad, let them feel sad. And if they don’t know what to do, let them be inspired by the spur of the moment.

Not every person I photograph is a 'model'. Some are professionals models, dancers or actresses. Others are semi-pros or amateurs. Some contacted me for a session. Most are girls I have met coincidentally, who never before would have considered to be a model. Professional or not, they all have something in common: that something undefinably attractive that made me want to photograph them.

Comments and suggestions are welcome at pascal@pascalbaetens.com.
Enjoy your visit!

Pascal Baetens.

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